February 14, 2018

CEO Announcement

Premiere software engineering firm MetzOhanian
has rebranded as Solution Machine

Why did we change our name?

Well, you know how there’s no sound quite like a great engine starting up? The throaty roar of a Harley, the powerful tremor of a Caterpillar, the thrilling power you feel in a Porsche?

We felt it was time to add a new sound to the engine world -- the smooth hum of a company that has found its stride and is doing great things in the world.

It’s time everyone heard of Solution Machine.

Solution Machine is a premier onshore software engineering firm that has experienced 7 straight years of growth, finishing over 63 custom software projects, collecting over 2.4 million in billings.

And we’re just getting started.

With an obsessive dedication to providing solutions to the full range of business problems, and the quality teams to make those solutions real, we’ve proven our ability to deliver even incredibly difficult projects on time, on budget, and with the kind of acute customer service that business needs and expects from its vendors.

A company with our track record deserves a new name. One that reflects our core mission of providing true solutions for companies that need the software creativity and precision that we deliver. And since our core focus as a company has always been solutions, the name seemed a natural.

Welcome to Solution Machine.

We’ve hit the ignition. Give us a call, and check out our smooth new sound. 

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