We can toot our own horn here, right? This is about you vetting our company, so you want to see our best work right up front, don’t you?

Okay, here it is -- given six weeks, we were able to win a national software challenge put out by the healthcare industry, competing against giants such as GE Health and the University of Texas Health Systems, all of whom had massive resources and a six-month head start on us.

In our humble opinion, we nailed it.

And enjoyed every minute of the process.

The job began when we were approached by CRG Medical to develop a way for hospital employees to easily and quickly report medical mistakes and problems. Integrating our work with existing teams in Israel, Korea, and Vietnam, we wrote a fast, responsive, easy-to-use app that delivered exactly what CRG wanted. So much so that they won the prestigious ONC challenge, along with $50,000 in prize money.

And the best part? We did all of this with no prior experience in health space apps.

Which is a testament to just how fast our team can learn your business, make the right decisions, and deliver exactly what you need. Speed and accuracy are two of the pillars of the Solution Machine system.

And in the ONC challenge, both really paid off for the client.