One of the great things about working in software across so many different industries is that you never really know what your next project will be. Which is the perfect lead-in to the story of how we wrote software for AmplifyGS, which the Ecuadorian government needed in order to catch Colombian pirates who were preying on fishermen off the coast of the Galapagos Island.

Yes. This was a real job. That we really did. And it was awesome. It even included a real-time chase scene in the middle of the night, with Chad on the phone with the Ecuadorian Navy, leading them to a pirate holdout.

It was so awesome that we came very close to renaming ourselves Pirate Catchers, Inc. But Solution Machine edged just past our pirate-catching credentials.

The work itself was a mix of some of the most interesting code we’ve written. It included SM developing satellite tracking, digital geofencing, fisheries management, and anti-piracy capabilities. We re-architected and refined existing software to manage tens of thousands of individual satellite-monitored fishing boats, with real-time updates provided to an SPA-based web application. We developed a range of very innovative grouping heuristics and fleet management tools to help the Ecuadorian naval and fisheries ministries manage these private assets, including boundary checking via digital geofences for protected wildlife habitats (the Galapagos Islands), and real-time tracking for incidents of piracy at sea.

If you have a moment, and want the full swashbuckling story, be sure to ask Chad or Noah about it. It’s an interesting five minutes, and it really shows that when we claim that our team can adjust to write effective code for just about anything, we mean it.