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Noah Smith

Sales Manager & Senior Developer

Noah and The Art of 10-Minute Solutions

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What can you accomplish in 10 minutes? A lot, if you’re talking to Noah.
In a single 10-minute conversation Noah can generate so many solutions to client problems that it’s kind of dizzying. Noah’s depth of knowledge on such a wide-range of topics -- in coding, business, machinery, and pretty much everything else -- is truly impressive. And we’re hard to impress. But Noah has.
As the main outbound sales person at Solution Machine, Noah is usually our first point of contact with the world, and he’s a great place to start for anyone with the kind of big, intricate, important coding problems SM can solve. Plus, he’s just fun to talk to. Give him a call, pop him a text, check out his resume. And if you mention geese, he might even give you a discount on your job.

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